Laura, San Angelo's Home Girl



Laura, San Angelo's Home Girl

Someone told me I should write a blog about real estate in San Angelo.  Agh!  I mean who really wants to know all about the ins and outs of the world of real estate??  Is it that exciting?  And then I remembered all the times I’ve stood in the grocery store checkout and been questioned by a fellow customer about what the real estate market is like, or stood casually waiting to pick up my children from school, and someone stopped to ask about a particular property.

I have learned over the last ten years or so that people love knowing all about real estate.  Perhaps we can thank HGTV for that.  For the last few decades, the folks at Home and Garden Television have invited viewers into homes across the country, offering a glance into what it is like to flip or flop, or fixer up!  And while I too enjoy occasionally tuning in to see what Chip and Jojo are up to, I have also learned that “real estate TV”, while wonderful entertainment, does not offer a realistic view of our local real estate market.

SO….Here I am in an attempt to provide that for you in a nutshell, or rather in a series of blogs!  Real Estate is a complicated, constantly changing beast.   And just when you think you’ve caught the tiger by its tail, interest rates change or oil prices sky rocket.   One great thing about the real estate market in San Angelo is that while we are somewhat dependent on outside market conditions, the pendulum very rarely swings too far in either direction of a buyer or seller’s market. 

While our market is ever changing, there are some real estate "truths" that are always constant. You may have heard these things before, and that’s probably because they are indeed the most consistent pieces to the real estate puzzle.   So let’s take a minute to examine these real estate realities - oh, and I promise there aren’t any "Alternate Facts" when it involves these buying and selling basics!

First off, we have all heard the adage "Location, Location, Location".  If location wasn’t all that important, I promise real estate agents wouldn’t repeat themselves three times!  I can tell you from first hand experience that a property with a prime location will always be attractive to discriminating, savvy buyers.  So as a buyer, what should you consider when researching whether or not you are truly purchasing a prime location?

  • Recreational and Geographic Attractions- Parks, golf courses, lakes, ponds and rivers are all highly desirable to buyers.  My dad always says "they aren’t making anymore water” and he is right! In West Texas, water is always a commodity.  San Angelo is home to Lake Nasworthy, the Concho River, and Spring Creek.  Many buyers are drawn to the beauty and serenity of our natural water sources!
  • School District- San Angelo and the outlying communities offer excellent options for public schools.  Buyers with school-aged children want their children to have access to the very best education possible.  There are wonderful resources such as the website that present information and an overall snapshot of schools in our area.   Buyers are often willing to pay more for a property located in a highly desirable school district, which can translate to money in your pocket if you are a seller!
  • Areas with properties that are conforming or uniform- Buyers are often attracted to areas with homes that are conforming in price, size, age and style.  Buyers often have an appreciation for areas and neighborhoods that have an overall curb appeal. 

When you are ready to start searching for your next location, location, location, an agent at Addresses Real Estate will be ready to help, help, help!  

Until next time, may your rooms be filled with joy, your walls know only love, and your door be open to incredible opportunity! 

                    ~Laura, your real estate Home Girl